Saturday, September 26, 2009

So so Thankful!

It came in the mail a few days ago, but I waited until today, my birthday, to open it.... because, well... I wanted to have one more birthday gift!

It was so so well a little box, with a so so cute pink paper and a so so feminine pink bow...

Inside, a key chain tag with my initial in the center, and around Husband's, my Son's and my Daughter's names.

All so so beautifully done...

This was SoSoBella's Giveaway prize and I feel so so lucky to have won it!!!

I like it so so much that I think I'll use it as a charm for my favorite necklace!

If you have never visited Kristy, stop by her wonderful blog or her website...
I bet you'll enjoy her personalized and hand stamped pieces and feel inspired by the photographs she takes of her two gorgeous fairies!

Thank you once again, Kristy!!

Now I'm out to enjoy the rest of my, soccer and "The cheesecake factory"'s good when you are 25!!!!


It' an Evolution said...

I love looke perfect on the necklace!

Hope you guys are doing season here so I am off to a double header today and one more tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend and lets see what happens next week.

Love ya

SoSoBella said...

happy happy birthday.
i am so happy you like it. i love it on the necklace.
have a wonderful day :O)

Casa Mia * My House * said...

Happy Happy birthday. I love your on the necklace. Enjoy your day!

Basil Becky said...

How charming!

Joy said...

Lucky you! very pretty.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Marcela! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. Make the most of it and enjoy YOUR day!! Take care.

Uncanny Festoon said...

Happy Birthday. what a very cute addition to your necklace. Now go eat birthday cake.

littlethings1 said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday !!!
The Little Things

The Cottage Shopgirl said...

Happy Birthday Marcela! It is indeed a very special day, also my lovely baby girl's birhtday, though she's not so baby any more, 26 today....Enjoy that cheese cake,

the wild raspberry said...

What a great pendant Marcela... I love it~
and it looks great on your necklace.

Keep on enjoying your birthday...make it last for all its worth!!!


Lori said...

i hope your birthday was wonderful!! what a wonderful giveaway looks perfect on your necklace!!!

Tracey said...

Well Happy Birthday!! What an awesome necklace to win (and receive on your birthday)! It's just so special!

:) T

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Love the pendant!! A happy Birthday surprise, Tootles, Janna

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Lucky Ducky! Such a lovely necklace for a great gal! Happpy Birhtday (as you know September birthday girls are the BEST!)

tara said...

Happy birthday Marcela!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend full of activities! xoxo