Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, that was a busy week end! We survived Formal on Friday night, soccer games on Saturday for Clara and her family and beach walk for me and my Husband. Sunday started early at the store with our big sale and we followed of course with a Super Bowl Party...Clara and I don't know the first thing about Football but we enjoyed those last minutes when everyone was cheering and jumping up and down and yes! Bruce Sprinsteen. The man is 59 and looks better than ever!

With the years, we came to like Super Bowl Sundays, they are loud and they feel just like a normal Argentinian Sunday with the family in front of the TV, watching soccer and eating...a lot!!!
Speaking of Argentina, we've noticed that we are getting more and more people from Argentina visiting our blog, so here's to them: (sorry, I have to write in Spanish now)

Vamos Argentina!!! Gracias por visitarnos!!

One more thing: thank you so much to all the customers that came and shopped our Sunday Sale. We really appreciate all your support and hope you really enjoy your new treasures!...all your names have been added to our February Drawing so Good Luck!!! That's all for now! Big, creative hugs from:

"The Nice and Easy Girls" (I'm Nice, Clara's Easy...just kidding!!!)


NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

No,I'm nice and easy!!!!!!!


Tara said...

LOL, you girls are too funny! Came by on Saturday, Sunday was Superbowl mania, which I did not partake in, but my husband did, let's just say "a little too much". Anywho, got a new necklace for Lucey, she looks fabulous now, I need to take a picture and send it to you!