Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life's little pleasures....

Candles in every room,
fresh linens,
inspiring magazines
and the time to read them....

Some of our ....Oh, simple pleasures in Life!...

Great sunny weather,
good quality towels,
"adopting" a shabby piece,
finding the perfect paint!

Those little things that make our day a little special...the simple things that help us celebrate our It's-not-my-Birthday Day. Some of them change with us, with our age, with our mood, while some others just stay the same. Steady pleasures that walk close to us, waiting to be enjoyed...Very simple things that somehow, sometimes, become luxuries....

Some gardening,
a hot bath,
breakfast in bed,
a clean car,
warm handmade soup...

"Very little is needed to make a happy life"
~Marcus Aurelius Antonimus~

How about you....Tell us, what makes you happy? What are your little pleasures in Life?


Tara said...

A day off to come and visit you. Having a drink with one of my best girlfriends, while daddy watches the baby. Spending time with my mom. Clean sheets fresh from the dryer. My husband dishing me ice cream. Of course uncontrolable laughter from my little punk...

Bev said...

Waking to the sun shining in; hearing the birds singing their songs to me; watching the first new growth coming up from the ground in Spring; taking a nice walk in the woods with my hubby taking pictures of all that God creates; hearing from my children; watching little children play in the park; enjoying a night under the stars; and of course spending a week with my dear sister, Mary!!
Oh and the list goes on and on...I love looking at the glass half full, not half empty!!!
love ya,

Dawn said...

Funny, I recently wrote on my blog about 'Belonging' which closely relates to life's little pleasures... My favorites are; laughing with my 2 daughters whom I absolutely adore, having coffee in a cafe filled with Paris Chic accessories and the yummy aroma of rich coffee, and spending time with senior citizens sharing with me stories of times gone by.

I was inspired with that blog post by all of you lovely, warm ladies I've met as as a new member at Etsy Cottage Style Community. I feel a real sense of belonging there ;o)

Have a wonderful weekend! See you at the Birthday Party!

Hugs from Dawn