Friday, February 27, 2009

Opposites attrack!

Woman does not live by white alone!...

If you are looking to add a bit of drama to your decor, or if you are trying to compromise with your Hubby (sometimes all white can be too much for him!) why not incorporate some black pieces?
Black is sharp, and many times adds weight to a room that can feel a little too airy...Check these possibilities out...

Black, vintage wicker chair, white cushions, black footstool...just a cozy spot to read a book and enjoy your fave tea!

Handsome, clean lines and dark. No, not the Surfer!!...the bookcase....

How about a black hutch? will look fab with the white dinning room table and chairs. Displays white china and ironstone beautifully!

And here's the totally unexpected: black side table, ironstone dish, roses and animal print!...The best part: it works!!

Have a creative, unexpected week end!!

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Coastal Sisters said...

I LOVE the black....clean lines, very poshy....adore, adore, adore it!

I did a little promo for you girls on my Blog today AND I snatched up the lovely sparkley crown off your website too.....ohhhhhh I can't wait to parade around with it on :)

I hope you both have a wonderful weekend!


K-Plus Krafts said...

Wow, I really like the black! I would not think of myself as ever having it in my home but...hummm, I think you just changed my mind! Ok, where is my paintbrush, LOL!!

Sue Jackson said...

Nice post, and I too love the black with the white. My son does a lot of the furniture he sells in the store. And thanks for the nice comments on my post the other day in regards to my Mr.Wonderful, what a guy! Take care, Sue

Sheila said...

Black is the other Color.. It goes with most anything. I do not have any black but i have painted and sold black pieces.. They make a statement.

Dawn said...

I LOVE the color black... it lends itself well to coordinate with any color, but there's just something so classy and elegant about black and white together.

You had a crown? - And Miss LuLu got a hold of it? I'm jealous!! Oh well, she'll wear it well! I'm going to keep a closer eye on the treasures on your website ;o)

Have a lovely weekend!

Best Wishes xxoo

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Hi.. Which button would you like me to add to my blog?? I would love to!

Forever Vintage said...

I do like black as well. I always thought if I tired of the light colors that I would just add the black to my white. I do use black frames in my living room to ground the room a bit.

funky bag freak said...

I love the surfing picture, that is so fun and whimsical!

Well I love everything else too.


Alisa said...

The black does look nice!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

LuLu said...

Yep I am loving it! it really does add a depth a room needs! I've added an old buffet to my dining room and painted it black and Love the change.. it was too formal the traditional way for my taste! now it seems more hip!
Thinking of you in sunny So Cal... and I am not a snow gal either... no choice in the matter Love took me there. what we do for hubbies!!

Charlene said...

You are right that the ALL WHITE is not always a favorite of the guys! Love the black. Saw LuLu's new crown but can see that you guys kept the best one for "The Boss" to wear. :) Enjoyed my visit.

Queen B. said...

Love, love, love it.
posted about you :)