Thursday, February 5, 2009

TGIF Images and Tutorial

We haven't posted a tutorial in a few weeks so we thought that you ladies will like something easy and cute for Valentine's Day. Just a nice way to present some chocolate to a special someone, like Martha says...It's all in the details..!
Starting with a vintage sheet of ephemera, we used a 8 1/2" X 12" sheet of music, you could also use vintage wall paper, vintage magazine pages or even vintage newspaper...reuse and recycle!Roll it in a cone shape. Fold the bottom of your cone, about 2 inches up. One dot of glue will hold it in place.

Cut 24" of a pretty ribbon and using your glue gun, attach it to the back of your cone. (make sure the cone is centered) and tie it on the front on a bow, flattening your cone some and making it look more as an envelope. (The bow will look better if it's a little off-center...)

You can use this week's free images to make the card. We mounted the "I love you Puppy" to two coordinating papers and added a touch of german glitter to the edges. Glue it to the front, next to the bow.

Tissue paper and the Recipient's favorite chocolate make the best filler!

And finally, here are the two TGIF images, digitally made by us and free for you to use them on your favorite craft. Enjoy!

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. "~Albert Einstein~

Even Einstein had a romantic side!!!


Dawn said...

Sweet project idea - thanks for sharing with all of us! Dawn ;o)

Karen said...

Very sweet, love it!!
Karen :)

Karen Ouellette said...

Very sweet, love it!!

Karen :))

Coastal Sisters said...

OH WOW! Love this project! Thanks girls!!!

From your East Coast Coastal Sisters!


Amy Sutter said...

So adorable, I love it!