Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Less is more...

That we have always loved antiques and chippy paint, is nothing new.

For years we have admired, and still do!, rooms like these...
full of architectural pieces, collections and white goodness....

warmed up with the coziness that only wood grain can give...

Customers always asked: Do you keep a lot of what you buy?
I didn't keep a lot but I sure kept enough!

But lately, in my own life, I have been in a less-is-more frame of mind.

I've been un-cluttering spaces, specially the garage.
Projects collected over time are being finished and moved to the Country Roads space.
Fabric, trims, vintage jewelry are finally being used...I had a tendency of buying it and saving it for something better, some project that some day I'll tackle...(well, those days are finally here!)

I have been extremely selective in what I buy with intentions of resale:
If something is brought in, it has to be in the way out in less than 2 days.
Paint, repair, re do in less than 2 days or it's not coming in!
Since I implemented this rule, only 3 pieces made it to the back of my truck:
2 of them have already sold,
the third piece, the old door is being done today since I'm feeling 100 times better!

The less is more rule applies also to my home decor.
No, I'm not going for this...

But lately, I have been very inspired by rooms like this:
Simpler, cleaner spaces

Less cluttered but with the same warmth.

My love affair with vintage still the same.
Crackled paint still makes my heart skip a beat and my collections still make me happy, but I don't think I need to own more.

I never thought I will get to this point, but:
My relationship with the white goodness is, from now on, strictly business!

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Lori said...

i was trying to do the less is more thing over here...i put a lot of things away at Christmas the focus is more on my tree and what not...i decided when i put the tree away, that i was not going to bring everything back out...just a few things...hah attempt at being minimal didn't last very long...i have this need to see my things...oh well...the rooms you showed are gorgeous...i may have to try again...

bj said...

I am of the theory..MORE IS BETTER..haahhaa...I do love stuff!
HOWEVER, every now and then, I do go thru, unclutter but never, EVER take the personality out of my rooms. Bare can sometimes be beautiful but I find some of them are clean, straight, uncluttered but lack the warmth of charm and personality. Just my views!! :)
xo bj

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those rooms are beautiful but I doubt if I could ever live that way. Just like all my stuff too much.

Sue said...

Love your post especially it addresses ALL of our issues with the "stuff" we love! I attempt to not have as much, but then as soon as I sell something, seems like something else follows me home! Guess that's why I have too many cats as well!
Take care, Sue

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Funny! Karrie & I were just talking about the same thing....I don't know if we can go really minimal - however - things that have been setting around, not quite fitting have been finding their way to the store (YEA!!) I do have to let you know that the mirror wall on that staircase is devine though...and I have several mirrors that need a home...hmmmmmmm - I'll give up everything BUT the mirrors!!

Blondiensc said...

Gorgeous photos...I laughed at the one with the bed and the fan, and thought really, I am glad you clarified! I agree sometimes less is more and i have been trying to declutter or at least replace! :)

Carole said...

Love the look and idea of the uncluttered but could never live that way. I have friends that have homes like that and it's just so boring.....but then they don't have a clue how to decorate:)) haha

Wendy said...

I feel the same way! The pictures you posted are beautiful!
Just tonight I realized that the article in Romantic Homes was Marcela's home. My mom and I loved the article. Actually I had cut it out and put it in my red book of favorites!!


The Smith Hotel said...

I am sure Mr. Smith wouldn't mind going for a little more minimal look....I would sleep in that bedroom(with the fan)for one night then be up and adding something to the walls, window sill, etc.....I love the "clean" look but I love color and my little do-dads(books, pictures, lamps, mirrors, dishes, baskets......)I also have a "problem" buying for my shop but can't part with it when it gets home. Glad to read the other comments and know that I am not alone!

KimMalk said...

You found some lovely pictures to share. Good for you for sticking with your plan on getting your projects turned over quickly.

Jennifer said...

These pictures are lovely...
have fun in Laguna Beach! Have you been to the Ritz Carlton at Laguna Nigel? We went there for drinks!

Clara and Marcela, lovely names..My 3rd granddaughter's name is Clara!

God bless! Jennifer aka Gigi

Notes From ABroad said...

After moving to another country to live, I have a less is more home whether I like it or not ! We brought our best and dearest furniture , paintings etc but the rooms are large, the ceilings are high and I have yet to buy many extra Stuff. So for now, I have a less is more look ... until I get my hands one some new/old Stuff:)
We are talking about slip covers. I have a large dog and I am not in love with the fabric on the sofa, so I will keep watching this blog to get inspiration.
Chau, gracias~