Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm sharing my bed....

Very often we have customers looking for queen size antique beds and we always have to explain that queen and king size beds are relatively new to the furniture world. In fact they were introduced to the market in the 1960's but it was really on the 90's when then became very popular, beating for the first time ever the twin size sales. However, there is a solution for us, antique lovers, that doesn't include a carpenter or an expensive fix and when we tell this to the customers, they can't really "picture" it or think that we are just giving them a "salesperson speech": The difference in width between a full size and a queen is just 6". Basically 3" on each side. If you fall in love with an antique full size headboard, just hang it on the wall, there is not need for the headboard to be attached to the rest of the bed. When finished and pillows are placed, you won't notice the difference on the size. To prove my point I've decided to share my bed with all of you!.... the pictures of my bed, that is....

My headboard wasn't even born as a headboard, it was actually a victorian footboard that I bought about 9 years ago for $5.00 in a flea market. (Yeah I know, I've beeen called "Big Spender" before!!)
Beautiful carving, great details, just waiting for a little white paint...a couple of strong hooks later, just in case of earthquakes, and voila! I got my "queen size" headboard.

So, Ladies, got ahead and try it...don't be limited by your bed frame size, recycle antique headboards, footboards, doors, victorian iron fences...A little inch here, a little inch there, nobody will notice...and I'm sorry Crate & Barrel but the oldies are soooooooooo much interesting!!!

Fun Fact:
The expression "sleep tight" comes from the 16th and 17th centuries when mattresses were placed on top of ropes that needed regular tightening.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What do we need a computer for???

My husband still laughs at me because about 8 or 9 years ago I said: What do we need a computer for????...Now, we can't even imagine not having one! It took me some time to get to know each other, I had to get used to usernames and passwords, emails and www's...... I remember that our first computer was set up in the garage, sorry honey, your computer is not cottage or shabby enough for our decor. It's not white, distressed or cute!! Slowly but surely the ugly screen worked her way into our loft and I've got to admit it, became part of the family. It's with the computer that I share my first cup of morning coffee while organizing carpools, sharing pictures, reading silly jokes and making new friends. My computer showed me a huge world out there. A world full of shabby chic lovers, of talented artists, a world of blogs that delight and inspire me. A world full of groups ready to share knowledge and experiences, groups where I've met many women that just like me, drive kids back and forth, tend a garden, hate laundry and love to create while dreaming of far away places.
My computer allowed me to enter Lynn's giveaway and for the first time in my life I won something! The package came in today, and inside, wrapped in pretty pink tissue was my gift...a beautiful collage made by Lynn herself, the sweetest altered spoon and a pretty doily. Lynn lives in Ontario, Canada. She's an artist, a crafter, a mom, she loves linens and you can visit her and her creations at

Her "Come to Tea" collage will be treasured forever, I will keep it close to the computer just to remind myself that sometimes it's a good thing to embrace change and move along with least with some of it, don't talk to me about Bluetooth or Texting...I can't even go there!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our favorite collections....

All these years customers have been asking us how we can sell certain things, and we always respond "We can't keep it all".... However, we manage to keep a lot! and to prove it, we decided to open our homes and share our collections.

These are items that make our hearts skip a beat, favorites that will never make it to our store shelves, collections that have grown with time and without reason more than pure love.

How do you explain Clara's collection of antique shoes? Some in pairs, some for boys, some for girls, all adorable! Worn by children long time ago, they speak of a much simpler time!

Those same children maybe sat on one of my little chairs...I like them colorful, shabby of course! and placed all over the house, (I have about 9) they hold little treasures and wait for some day to be used by my grandchildren About nine years ago, I fell in love with Blue Transferware and Ironstone and have now a china cabinet full of it. My walls display my favorite platters and my pitchers top my cabinets and tables. The most extensive collection however, belongs to Clara. Her white matte finish pottery takes center stage in her living room and they really pop up against the dark wood of her cabinet. She probably owns every shape ever made!

We own many more collections, I'm afraid...antique postcards, statuary, monogrammed linens, letters "C" for Cavaglieri, letters "D" for DiGiuseppe, architectural posts, shabby stools..and we love them all!

See, we can't keep it all, but we keep a lot!

But how about you? Are you a collector? Let us know what makes you look high and low. Tea cups, quilts, americana, costume jewelry....? Visit our website, click on Guestbook (left of your screen) and let us know. By sharing with us you will be entering our July Giveaway and the chance to win the Personal Journal shown on the front page.

Winner will be announced July 30th. Good luck to all of you!

Marcela & Clara

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And the winner is....

The names were in, the bowl was almost full and using the old but always reliable "Hand in the Bowl" method, we picked our first winner!!

We are happy to announce that
JillzWhimzy from Lima, OH.
will be receiving our Personalized Garden Collage!!!!

clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!

One more surprise: we had so much fun doing it (it doesn't take much to get us going around here...) that we decided to have a Freebie every month!!!
Clara is already working on the July Giveaway, super cute!!! don't want to miss it!!!!
Make sure that you subscribe to our blog or to our montly newsletter at
to be included in our montly freebie. Thank you to all of you for your continuos support, and good luck on the next one!
Marcela & Clara