Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little break...

from blogging.

We are on our way to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We'll be back (well, some of us Son is staying!)
in three weeks...

See you then!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love is in the air...

Old frames,
once forgotten and left to collect dust in the garage...

are putting me in a "Valentines" frame of mind...

Are you there yet????

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Wednesday...

As you know,
since we decided to move,
shopping is a No-No around here.
Even a very strict rule has been implemented:
if 1 new thing comes in
4 old things have to come out.

Well, I need 4 old things to say good bye to,
because I just couldn't resist this pretty bag
from Janet at Flora Doora!

Her cute, cute bags are lined in plastic perfect to hold fresh flowers...

Jane's motto is:
"Spreading happiness one bag at the time"

She sure was successful this time,
I smile every time I walk by mine...

Hope this day brings you enough reason to smile!
Happy White Wednesday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New toy....

I've been wanting one of these
for some time now...

the sale at Michael's finally made it possible!!!

My Husband asked me:
"What are you going to do with so many butterflies?"

I have no idea...
but don't they look cute????

Friday, January 14, 2011

Of roses and lizards...

One of the few good things about Winter in So. California
is that the lizards disappear from my backyard
and I finally can venture out and enjoy my morning coffee
without the risk of a heart attack.

I don't have a bid yard,
actually, no yard is big enough for me and lizards.
If they are out, I'm in...simple and clear.

That's why these winter mornings...
warm and oh so missed sunny moments are so enjoyable.
Those moments when the roses let me think
that Spring will soon be here....

those moments when the roses whisper in my ears:
Enjoy us, because the lizards are also coming back soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

"When you suffer an attack of nerves you're being attacked by the nervous system. What chance has a man got against a system?"

~Russell Hoban

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The fact that my dreams have been filled with...

Photo: Country Living


Photo: Country Living

and even a little bit of this....

Photo: Country Living

might explain my new roses colors...

"The color of springtime is in the flowers,
the color of winter is in the imagination."

~Terri Guillemets~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Wednesday

Many years ago,
more than I care to admit,
I took home this wooden box.
As many pieces that have followed me home,
it came without a purpose or a reason...

I tried to work on it many times,
but it always seemed like a huge work
and I was never able to imagine the final product.

About 5 years ago got a wooden applique
and coats and coats of putty...
only promises, nothing concrete!
3 Wednesdays my wooden box
made the sad trip from the garage to the curve...
and those same nights the trip back to the garage.

Last week it finally happened,
out with the applique,
lots and lots of sanding,
and of course, white paint.

My wooden box and I were re-connecting.

What better way for my transferware collection
to make the trip LA-Buenos Aires
than inside of my very sturdy wooden box?

1122...our address here in Cali

4...the people embarking in the adventure....

Once we settle,
my wooden box will be perfect as a coffee table...
the move from a 2400 sq. ft. home to an apartment half the size
involves some creative storage!

Thank you Kathleen for White Wednesday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I did something that I never do:
I got a manicure.

A total treat for me!

Because I'm always painting
or sanding
or hammering,
(and most of the time don't care for gloves!)
manicures don't last
and I feel like somehow I'm wasting my money.

But because things (I mean hands)
were out of control
I went all girlie girlie
and got myself a set of 10 pretty pink fingernails!

I can not say I enjoyed the process.
But I sure love the results!
the only problem is that now,
I don't want to paint,
or sand,
or hammer...
I don't even want to do the dishes!!!

All I'm willing to do
(other than look at my pretty pink fingernails)
is work with something soft and warm...
like vintage sweater scraps.

So here you have it...
a cute, warm, soft, chickie that didn't ruin my manicure!

the box I made some time ago...
I'm not gluing either!! LOL!!!