Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank you Chas!!!

I wish you could had heard the excitement in Clara's voice last night, when she called me and told me that the box from Chas had arrived!!!

"It's all so pretty!" she said...and "She wrapped it so well!"..."She used a vintage cigar box"..."And she sent so many goodies!"...

Well, once again, she was right!!!
So many goodies!
Vintage photographs of Sisters...don't miss the key detail...Love it!!!

A "Merci" card attached to a vintage bobbin....Cute!!!

Our own coffee cozies...Can't wait to go to Starbucks now!!!
I kept the red, Clara kept the taupe and black...

I also kept the shredded vintage paper...I'm planning to use it in a vignette...
Great texture! I think I need a shredder now!!

Chas is so sweet and talented. Her blog, "The Wild Raspberry" is where she shares her passion for Family, vintage goodness and a simple, comforting life.
We try to visit her every day, and you should too! will not be disappointed!
Thank you, Chas!!! We will treasure our goodies for ever! Now, let's try our coffee cozies!

"Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel"
~Author Unknown~


Lori said...

what a lovely package!!! Chasity is such a sweetie!!!

Jane said...

What fun's always nice to get a surprise in the mail.

LuLu said...

Such a great gift you received!! Thank you for your sweet comment about my sale and i would be partners with you both and day you gals are amazing!!!

the wild raspberry said...

thanks so much you sweet gals...i'm so glad that you enjoyed your surprises.
thanks for always stopping by for a visit~it is always a bright spot in my blogging day!
have a wonderful day~~~