Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

May yours be peaceful and shared with family and friends.


Lori said...

have a wonderful holiday!!!

a Broad said...

And the same to you and your family.

My Uncle, my Grandfather, my cousin and my Dad were all in the service , I always think of them at this time of year. . proudly.

Sue said...

My week-end, at the world famous Country Roads??? It was NOT peaceful BUT shared with family and friends!!

Take care, Sue

The White Farmhouse said...

Here is hoping that you and yours had a great weekend! Don't forget to wipe off the extra BBQ sauce!

LuLu said...

Happy June 1 to YOU and yes the weekend was spent with my family!!!! pool side :)

Tattered Goods said...

Hey Marcela,
The sale is not on Fathers Day it is Friday and Saturday... see you can still come :)