Friday, March 13, 2009

It's sunny and we're loving it!!

It's sunny and beautiful today... Yeah!!!!
Just one of those days where we get to do a lot of fun stuff around the house... Clara and Dario are building a planter for the front of their beautiful home. (Dario is building, Clara is managing: she makes the coffee and runs to Lowe's when necessary) and I'm trying to organize my supplies and work in some projects for our Arcade Sale the first week of April...We'll send more info later on, but for now, save the date!...

We wish you all could be there, but we also know that some of you are really far away...sigh...!

Like I told you, I'm organizing my supplies. My ideal would be to have most of them in containers pretty enough to display. I made one already for my buttons, pins and needles and posted more pictures and tutorial in my Etsy Group Blog.

It's fun, inexpensive and easy enough to make with the kids. Hope you will give it a try!!
Have a wonderful, creative weekend full of charm and family inspiration!!

"In time of test, family is best."
~Burmese Proverb~


LuLu said...

How I wish I could attend! my thoughts will be there!!! Enjoy the sun and getting things done!

Tara said...

Count me in girls! so excited...i will shop for LuLu!! :)

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh so wish I could stop by~