Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm sharing my bed....

Very often we have customers looking for queen size antique beds and we always have to explain that queen and king size beds are relatively new to the furniture world. In fact they were introduced to the market in the 1960's but it was really on the 90's when then became very popular, beating for the first time ever the twin size sales. However, there is a solution for us, antique lovers, that doesn't include a carpenter or an expensive fix and when we tell this to the customers, they can't really "picture" it or think that we are just giving them a "salesperson speech": The difference in width between a full size and a queen is just 6". Basically 3" on each side. If you fall in love with an antique full size headboard, just hang it on the wall, there is not need for the headboard to be attached to the rest of the bed. When finished and pillows are placed, you won't notice the difference on the size. To prove my point I've decided to share my bed with all of you!.... the pictures of my bed, that is....

My headboard wasn't even born as a headboard, it was actually a victorian footboard that I bought about 9 years ago for $5.00 in a flea market. (Yeah I know, I've beeen called "Big Spender" before!!)
Beautiful carving, great details, just waiting for a little white paint...a couple of strong hooks later, just in case of earthquakes, and voila! I got my "queen size" headboard.

So, Ladies, got ahead and try it...don't be limited by your bed frame size, recycle antique headboards, footboards, doors, victorian iron fences...A little inch here, a little inch there, nobody will notice...and I'm sorry Crate & Barrel but the oldies are soooooooooo much interesting!!!

Fun Fact:
The expression "sleep tight" comes from the 16th and 17th centuries when mattresses were placed on top of ropes that needed regular tightening.


Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Absolutely beautiful bed!
Thank you for entering the Aged Vintage Papier drawing!
Amy Sutter

The Rose Cottage said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, this is a great idea :) I have the same problem right now, I want to buy a queen size bed for the guest room but don't want to spend a fortune to find a cottage style headboard. I bought a great head and footboard, entire thing with rails for $35 and it just needs painting, but it is of course a double size bed. I think I am going to try this, your's is beautiful, so why not ?

NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

I think you should try it! You can use the footboard to make the back of a bench, for example. That way you'll have 2 pieces for $35. If you do it, don't forget to send us pictures!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

see....I should have known to ask the experts first!! I love the idea of hanging it on the wall - can't wait to see what mine will look like up there {by the way...we LOVE that "head"/foot board!!
Karla & Karrie