Saturday, June 14, 2008

Special Father's Day

It's often said that little girls grow up to marry someone like their Dads, I think I'm one of those girls. My husband Eduardo and my Dad not only share a passion for food, black coffee, wine, soccer, soccer and more soccer, they also share the pride of being a Dad. On my Dad's eyes there was nothing wrong that Clara and I could do: we were always the most beautiful girls, the smartest, the most talented and he was always ready to let the whole world know it!. Even today, you can feel his pride when talking about us...and just like my Dad, Ed makes our kids feel special. He makes them laugh and he always has something to talk about with them: music, fashion, movies, school, not simple task when you think that my kids are almost 15 and 17.... He still tucks Camila in bed every night and stays up very late watching soccer games with Mathias during the weekends.

My Dad and Ed are not the Home-Improvement-Kind-of-Guys. Don't expect them to fix anything around the house or change the oil. No screwdrivers or Home Depot gift cards for Father's Day, please...
Yes, I have to admit it, I'm one of those lucky girls that grew up and married, without even knowing it, someone like her Dad...and I will not have it any other way!

Dad, Ed, Thank you so much for being that special kind of man, the kind of man that I hope Camila will bring home some day and the kind of man Mathias will grow up to be.

Happy Father's Day!
Con todo mi amor,

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