Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun facts, connecting and awards!

Sweet Zita from Mlle Magpie has tagged us!! Oh no! we need to tell 7 things about ourselves...what should we say????...Not an easy task, but lets give it a try:

7 Things about Clara:

1- She graduated as a Ballet Teacher from one of the best Dance Schools in South America...10 years of hard, actually very hard work and dedication!
2- She is (sorry Lulu) the Official #1 Starbucks fan...very simple taste: black coffee with Splenda.
3- She is the Team Manager of 2 Soccer Teams
4- She is a bad gardener. No green thumb at all!!
5- She is EXTREMELY organized and clean...Martha has nothing on her!!
6- She loves the Mall!!
7- She voted for Chris during the American Idol competition.

7 Things about Marcela:

1- She is a Psychologist...therapy anyone?
2- She LOVES coffee, not necessarily Starbucks though. Lots of milk, no sweeteners anymore.
3- She only dated for 2 1/2 months before marrying her now Husband of 18 years...again: therapy anyone???
4- She is even a worse gardener than Clara...
5- Clean yes, organized...NOT!
6- She does not like shopping...unless we are talking shoes!
7- She voted for Adam!

Now we need to tag 7 people willing to share some "secrets" and those are:

1- Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home
2-Karla and 3- Karrie from The Summer Kitchen Journal
4- Sue from Practicing Random Acts of Kindness
5- Christina from Fabulous Finds Gal
6- Cathleen from Vintage Home Lifestyle
7- Megan from Shabby Blogs

We hope you have fun visiting all these fun, inspiring gals....after reading their blogs, you'll know why we picked them! Thank you Zita for inviting us to play!!

While you are here in Blogland, you can also visit Janet at It's an will love her blog, her creations and her recipes!!! Through her blog we have met some wonderful bloggers that fill us up with daily inspiration. Thank you Janet for the award!!!


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

VERY interesting, Clara and Marcela. It's nice to get to know you guys better. I find it hard to believe that someone could be more Martha than Martha. But I must confess, I don't know who Adam and Chris are, tee hee (no tv :)

Free Art Printables said...

I will play. Great facts girls! I'll probably do it early next week. Jen

Wendy said...

Hi me at shabbynest (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll send you the details of a sponsorship.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Thanks for tagging us girls!! You've got quite some interesting facts....we'll get something up tomorrow (hopefully!!)

the wild raspberry said...

great lists gals! love getting to know you better...
have a wonderful day.

chris rocks :)

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love visiting new Blogs so I will definitely put on my best dress and head on over (gloves, hat and ladylike pumps too)....ohhhhhh and no burping! *sheepish look*