Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tips on vintage shopping....

Lately, one more reason has been added to our Why-we-love-vintage List: recycling and reusing old furniture is good for our Planet!... "Low Impact Living", as some like to call it, is fun, creative and affordable. That's why we decided to write some tips for all of you that are new to antique and vintage shopping.

Bring your measurements: If you are working with a tight space, it will really help you to know the measurements of your room or wall. Remember that antique and vintage stores usually don't take merchandise back.

Most of the time large walls present a challenge
because large pieces af art are very expensive.
In that case: "build" around a smaller picture.
Adding sconces on each side, architectural molding over or under the picture, even a large empty frame around it will fill a wall without a huge expense.

Bring an open mind: Dressers are not only for the bedroom, they also make killers sideboards and entryway pieces!, Garden totes are wonderful silverware caddies or desk organizers. Shop for pieces that can be used in numerous places in the house, benches for example, are work horses: outside in the garden, at the end of a bed, by the front door, hallways, the list is endless!!!

When redecorating a guest room, our own Jean used an architectural wood piece instead of a headboard.

Look for "flow" not for "matching": Pairs and Sets are hard to come by. When looking for night stands or kitchen chairs, for example, look for different pieces with the same scale or style. Jean used a night stand on one side of the guest bed and a chair on the other. Unified by color and scale, these two work together and the chair provides additional seating in a small room.

Mix and match: You don't need to live in a beach cottage
to enjoy the relaxed feeling of painted pieces. White (and black) furniture looks fabulous when mixed with the warmth of natural wood.
Build a relationship with the store owners: We love regulars and we'll keep an eye for the items on your wish list!

And finally.....

If you love it...Buy it! There is always room for a piece that makes your heart skip a beat. Remember that once is's gone! Looking back, you will always regret more the pieces you didn't get that the ones that came home with you....So, try it! Go Green, Go Vintage!

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