Monday, September 22, 2008

Artist at work...

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's upcoming attractions"

Speaking of imagination...If you are in town on Fridays, stop by and say Hello to someone with lots of it!!!. Andrea, our "Friday Girl" has been one of our Dealers for about four years now. She makes all the beautiful canvas transfers that we carry in our store and that you ladies love so much.

From sexy M. Monroe to enchanting Tuscany, from fun surfboards to chic Paris pictures, she brings us a little bit of everything, but her talent doesn't stop there! With a background in Interior Design and a love for everything vintage and feminine, Andrea loves funky pillows, mosaic, and giving old jewelry a new life.

Every Friday from 10 to 5 you can find her in our store, behind a pile of gorgeous vintage fabrics or surrounded by sparkling rhinestones while creating her fab pieces.

Andrea loves special orders! You can bring her one of those rhinestones pins you got from Grandma and she will make it into a stunning piece of jewelry. Got some mink coat from your dear Aunt? She will mix it with vintage materials and you will have some killer pillows! She has created one of a kind pieces for Wedding and Engagement gifts using our customers' pictures and invitations that were the hit of the party...

So, don't be shy...stop by on Friday and meet out talented Andrea. We know that her talent and imagination will inspire you!

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