Thursday, August 26, 2010

S is for....


Simple Sign!

Bold and graphic...
So different from what I usually do.
I think my Graphic Design Class inspired me a lot more than I imagined.
I enjoy the change.
I like to be inspired!


Sue said...

And we in turn, LIKE, when you are inspired!!

Take care, Sue

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

...and this is "simply" fun! You are an artist, no matter which way you look at it.

Ciao bella,

oldgreymare said...

Graphic, very retro, very cool.....



T's Daily Treasures said...

Sweet. Simple. And I see a :) in there. Best wishes, Tammy

Olive Cooper said...

Simple and delightful. Thanks bunches for your visit. Have a lovely weekend♥olive.

chasity said...

how fun...
it reminds me of an oversized game or an old telephone.

have a wonderful weekend!

Allison Shops said...

Nice. I've always like letters and typewriter keys. Check out my Classic Trends post from Thursday.

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Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi! Sorry it took forever to comment back. It's not like me but I haven't been in blogworld for over a week!

Anyway, thanks sooo much for your comment and for becoming a follower, I'm honored. My space is here in Riverside at Mission Galleria (it's an antique mall so yes, you will find fine antiques, repro, awesome vintage & shabby chic stuff with some baseball cards and beanie babies!) But seriously, there are a lot of great dealers.

Even though I don't know you two, I feel surprised you're not both moving back home. Why does she think your crazy? ;).

Hope you have a great week!

Sincere Blessings,

Chateau Chic Boutique said...

I totally spaced it and didn't tell you how great this art piece is! I also really loved that picket fence wall hook, what a great idea. You are just so stinkin' creative!

Thanks again for being so inspiring!


PS You should come and check out Chateau de Fleurs this Sept 17 & 18. It's a show that Christie Repasy and her SNL Rita Reade put on at Christie's home in Fallbrook.

Julio said...

Bueno amiga he llegado a este blog, cual eres???????? rubia o morena??? Very nice blog, old and all inspire