Monday, January 19, 2009

At midnight tonight....

Last night I went to bed thinking about a new banner for our blog...
As I upload it now and at the same time watch the preparations for tomorrow's Presidential Inauguration I can't stop wondering what will be President Obama's last thought tonight before he falls asleep, before he becomes the Leader of the Free World, before his life changes forever...
One thing I know, whatever he's thinking, will take a lot more time, effort and inspiration that our banner!!!....and because of that, I'd like to share with the President and all of you, of course, something that my friend Monica sent me over a year ago and that Clara printed and framed for me. I keep it on my bathroom counter, next to my sink, and I read it every night while I brush my teeth, before going to bed:

"At midnight tonight, you get a most amazing gift: a fresh set of 24 hours.
These hours are pure and flawless and limitless. They offer you the opportunity to show courage and behave brilliantly and forge new habits that will get you to a new place of being.
And they offer you a space to laugh. To love. And to dream.
Whether you'll admit it or not, tomorrow is incredible. Not everyone gets one."

No matter what your tomorrow holds, President or not, before you close your eyes tonight, think of your next 24 hours and the best way to use them... let's make tomorrow count!


Coastal Sisters said...

Oh How Lovely! I am sharing this with everyone I know.

I enjoyed the pictures from your trip! Thank you for sharing :)


signsoftimensuch said...

That is beautiful...I needed this today as I opened my email..hugs, cheryl

Tara said...

Love the new banner!! And what an amazing true!

Thanks for sharing~


slommler said...

Lovely new banner and a wonderful quote to sleep with. To fill our heads with possibilities. Oh how fabulous!! Thanks

Jenny S said...

What a great thought! Thank you for sharing!

Coastal Sisters said...

Ohhhhh, I forgot one thing....LOVING the new banner!

Thanks for popping by for a visit :)