Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Frozen Charlotte Art

As you probably know by now, in an effort to connect and support our fellow Dealers and Artists, we have pledged to give only handmade and vintage gifts this Holiday Season. This, of course, takes a little time and preparation but beats trying to find a parking space at the mall!! So, we hope you come along the next few weeks as we share with you ideas and projects to make this a Very Merry Crafty Chritmas!

Have you heard of "Frozen Charlottes"?, sweet white porcelain dolls made in Germany with a very sad story behind them: Charlotte was going to the ball with her boyfriend in an open carriage. Didn't listen to her Mom (some things never change...) and didn't take a shawl during a very, very cold German night....she died of cold that night while her boyfriend died of a broken heart. Funny how we don't know the boy's name, the story was probably written by Charlotte's Mom....! Anyway, the cute little dolls make beautiful angels or fairies, they come in many different sizes, and many times they are missing an arm or a leg wich does not detracts at all from their charm. We used Frozen Charlottes in 3 different projects guaranteed to keep the recipient's heart warm all year long...

Our first Charlotte project was made using a wooden trinket box (Michael's $1.00) that we painted inside and out with a coat of acrylic paint. Once dried, we attached a music sheet rossette and an "Angel Charlotte". We added wings, a paper halo, some glitter and a "Love" banner. Perfect to hold jewelry or a love note....

The second project is a personalized ornament. We spray painted a styrofoam "S" (Michael's $0.95 each, they carry all the letters) and made a little frame out of carboard and paper from where our little Queen Charlotte is peeking thru. A little paper heart, a couple of rhinestones, a silver paper crown and a little message later and our ornament is ready to hang (by adding a little ribbon on the back) or sit.

Finally, we used the littlest Charlotte to make a Pop Cap Necklace. She is wrapped in a Queen sign, leaving no doubts of her place in life!

Now, if we've inspired you in any way to make some Frozen Charlotte art and you don't know where to buy them, contact us. We have them for sale at $3 and $4 each depending on their size (keep in mind that they are missing some body parts just like the ones we used on our projects)

However, if you are not feeling crafty and would like to purchase any of these finished items, they are also for sale. (Different ornament letters also available)

this Holiday Season buy Handmade, buy Vintage.

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TheTatums said...

I'm joining you in only giving handmade or vintage items this Christmas! Thanks for the ideas. I had friends come over yesterday and we spent the afternoon making Christmas goodies. I don't have my Christmas photos up yet... waiting 'til after TG but come over to my blog for a visit.


Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

OMG! I love them. Haven't seen them before and love the way you two incorporated them into lovely items! Thank you for the inspiration.

signsoftimensuch said...

I did not know the story to them and have seen them used but always thought they were very interesting..thanks so much for your blog! hugs, cheryl

Cathy said...

Absolutely love these! Nothing like waking up to a VERY CREATIVE blog to get my mind reeling with ideas.

These are so darn cute. I've got to back and look at them again.

xo Cathy said...


Scrappy Jessi said...

eeekkk so fab
i just did a solderd necklace with sally jean. it had a doll inside. so cool. i did a glove with beyh quinn in Oct.
i love them
thanks for sharing all these fab ideas.

SweetAnnee said...

Sweet ..I love them all..thanks for the ideas

Anonymous said...


Scarlet Fields said...

I have picked up a few of these little jems, however I did not know anything about the story! How prescious is that! Thanks so much for sharing. Do you always keep them in stock? Scarlet

Tara said...

I love this idea and I love that story...!! You guys are so creative! Thanks for the inspiration...I need to start thinking about my tree this year! Also, I am going to try and talk the pool man into coming to the open house on Del Mar! :)



sherry smyth said...

Oh yes, these Charlottes are divine...and so much fun to work with. And thank you -- I didn't know the story behind them. How sad :(

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Marcela and Clara:

I LOVE these frozen Charlotte's! How precious!


Charlene said...

I so love the Charlottes. And the boyfriends name was Charles. I did a little blurb about them on my Blog. So pop over for the whole story. In the mean time... I NEED CHARLOTTES. I will be contacting you. LuLu from Coastal Sisters sent me.

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

OH I love how you used your charlottes! I love those cute doll. Never knew the story but now I do. I love it. I also like your place card tutorial. Thank you for sending me an email/message about it. I think i am going to try it. hugs, Ellen

p.s. Off to browse the rest of your blog and your etsy shoppe!