Thursday, October 16, 2008

The joy of HCDD

With age, we have developed something that we call HCDD (House Chores Deficiency Disorder). It does not keep us from totally doing our chores, (our homes still clean, laundry is done and the family is fed), however HCDD keeps us from doing them in an efficient, organized way. We are easily distracted by wonderful "stuff". Somehow there is always something wonderfully shabby, white, peely, chic that calls our names. There is always something that needs painting, displaying, embellishing...something that will spark our imagination and inspire us between dusting and mopping, between cooking and doing the dishes!

This wonderful disorder and the fact that we don't look for a cure has motivated us to write what we call "I was going to save the world, but something.............caught my eye!".
My plan today was to get to the supermarket early in the morning, wash the car, cook some peaches and pears before they go bad and wash all the soccer gear for the weekend. But my HCDD kicked in and that's when it happened..
"I was going to save the world, but something Chic caught my eye!"

Before I got to my chores, I started thinking of how beautiful Clara's house looked last night. I HAD to go to Clara's house and photograph her Oh-So-Chic-Fall-Decor in order to share it with you. Enjoy it!

White candelabra loaded with vintage rhinestones and pearls, yummy antique brown transferware platters, and urns filled with pumpkins. So simple, so wonderful!

Her collection of architectural pillars holds orange, cream and black candles. A mercury glass pumpkin next to the kitchen sink adds a lot of sparkle.

A black antique frame, shabby wood, feathers and cream pottery over the china cabinet. On the coffee table, a grouping of white pumpkins, more pottery and pearls, lots of pearls!

Even her statuary is dressed up in fall colors.
It's 4:15 pm now, the car still dirty,the peaches and the pears can wait one more day, Ed can swing by the market on his way home from soccer practice. The rest it's all done: rooms are clean, beds are made and the meatloaf is in the oven. My HCDD allowed my eyes to get caught today, it allowed me to admire Clara's style and it allowed me to sit down and share her pretties with you.... I love my HCDD!!
Now tell us, what has caught your eye today?


Tara said...

Everything is so beautiful Clara! I love your decorating style. I am not a big fan of Halloween but FALL i love all the decor for fall...sigh. I love your disorder, I think I might have a tinge of it too, I usually get sidtracked shopping and then when I come home with the goods, I get sidetracked deciding where they should go, til my son tugs at my shirt cause it is 2:00 and he hasn't had lunch! OPPS!

Have a great weekend!


Carolina Gonzalez said...

What a beautiful post! I definitely suffer the same syndrome... though suffer is not the right way to say it - I enjoy it instead! The world can wait another day to be saved :).