Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roses and Pumpkins...

I just couldn't wait!! With all the stores and magazines pushing the fall decor, I went ahead and decorated my house with all my pumpkins and orange and brown candles even though the weather hasn't changed much yet. But , much to my surprise, my rose bushes started blooming again and I felt bad not displaying little rose nosegays all over the house.

I found myself debating between roses and pumpkins....

Then I remember reading: "Come September, the many glories of Autumn and the pleasures of Summer are with us to enjoy simultaneously"

I decided that I was not the only with this dilemma, someone actually has written something about the subject, and I learned that one pleasure doesn't have to take away from another.

Now I keep some roses very close, even by my kitchen sink,
to help me remember the wonderful summer we had, while
the pumpkins help me dream of soon to be here chilly nights
by the fire and pumpkin pie!

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